Urban Landscaper

GARAN (Arab Realization Group of North Africa) is a Saudi-Moroccan real estate development and management company. It has carved out a unique niche for itself in the design and development of luxurious integrated-community urban spaces. 

Founded in November 2012, the mission of GARAN is to design and deliver one-of-a-kind urban residential communities that offer their residents the highest quality of living. Focused more on people than bricks, GARAN creates integrated urban communities that foster inspiring environments, enabling their residents to fulfil their potential. 

Tomorrow Urban Communities Concept

In its “Tomorrow Urban Communities Concept” program, GARAN focuses on developing residential projects that look to the future. GARAN developments are not meant to be static, but rather to allow for the maximum amount of fluidity and sustainability possible. The projects are designed to incorporate the dynamics of an ever-changing cultural environment. Utilizing the skills of an expert team of real estate professionals, GARAN is able to remain at the leading edge of innovation in real estate development and management.

Project Management and Delivery

GARAN is led by a team of highly skilled professionals in the real estate, development, construction and management fields. GARAN works tirelessly to bring the most specialized, high-quality services to its clients. The team is proficient in every stage of project development, from feasibility studies to design, development, construction and property management. GARAN’s work does not cease when construction is finished. Quality management is key to its overall mission and objectives, and long-term strategies are in place to closely monitor services and client satisfaction.

GARAN also supervises emerging real estate development companies, helping them foster cutting-edge ideas and provides support at every stage – from the project’s conception, through design, to development and finally, launch.

Victoria City

GARAN’s inaugural initiative is the Victoria City project, located near Casablanca, Morocco. This unique development offers the best of infrastructure and resources for an expanding population, who will benefit from the core elements of mixed-use design. Victoria City residents will live in a stress-free environment, easy access to transportation infrastructure, mixed-use facilities, and the best of a home-work-play living space. Every facet of the project was designed with an eye toward the future needs of its residents.

Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Trust, transparency, and professionalism are the core elements of the GARAN corporate strategic plan. For the GARAN team, delivering the highest quality and most innovative living spaces does not come at the expense of customer relations.
GARAN has formed a close, strategic relationship with the Urban Agency of Casablanca. GARAN projects are being developed in cooperation with the Greater Casablanca Urban Master Plan. In this way, GARAN professionals are able to bring forward radical new developments that satisfy residents as well as advance the long-term goals of city planners. This is further proof of GARAN’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.