The Renaissance of Casablanca

Feb 26, 2018 – Eyes open wide and hearts skip a beat whenever the name Victoria City gets a mention. Why you ask and with good reason. It is the dream child of Masen Al Sawwaf and business associates and is slated to be fully operational during the early summer of 2018. Expectations run high and it has since been four years under construction. Mazen Al Sawwaf took note of an amazing social experiment that took hold in various parts of the world and has since flourished. With this firmly in mind, he decided that this was a unique business opportunity that he simply could not pass up. Its a rather lucrative venture and implements an exciting concept the creation of a classless housing infrastructure where social status does not bar entry and is affordable to all. This real estate development venture is called Victoria City and holds much promise as the key to the regional revitalization of Casablanca and the surrounding areas of Morocco.

Assuredly It was not an easy task to persuade prospective investors of the revenue potential of this project and assurances had to be made. Every aspect of this venture had to be viewed as if under a microscope and optimized for success. Tackling smaller projects at various stages of development in the region, Mazen-al Sawwaf has already tested the waters and has been successful in collaboration with another like-minded individual who feels strongly about the project. Everyone has been imbued with optimism and the cogwheels are turning, this is a huge undertaking and a there is a lot at stake. A lot of planning has been done and every aspect of it reviewed for optimal success. If you can believe it the name Victoria was selected with care. Not only is it location, location, location but the name must the masses for it to work. The name Victoria is a shoe in because it is already associated in the mind with many beautiful locations throughout the world and it has worldwide recognition.

Source: NNL – Net News Ledger

Investing in Morocco’s Future

INVESTING IN MOROCCO’S FUTURE Feb 14, 2018 – As the city of Victoria grows and blossoms, it is sure to benefit the Moroccan economy. One member of the founding board, Mazen Al Sawwaf, is keen to attract business to Victoria – especially tourism and shopping. In fact, the development represents an outstanding investment opportunity for those

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Integrated and Inclusive: Victoria City Modernises Morocco

Integrated and Inclusive: Victoria City Modernises Morocco Feb 8, 2018 – Thanks to close cooperation with the Moroccan government, the pioneering development became possible.His management team, which Mazen al-Sawwaf belongs, was carefully chosen and hands-on management team has risen to the challenge to meet progress milestones; the watchful board meets every quarter to guide growth and

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Brightening the Future of Casablanca and Morocco

Brightening the Future of Casablanca and Morocco January 19, 2018 – The excitement over Victoria City is growing and for good reason. This new mixed-use residential/commercial project offers tremendous hope for turning around the economic fortunes of Casablanca and Morocco. When one understands the pivotal role that Casablanca plays not only in Morocco but all of

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Morocco’s New Hope

Morocco’s New Hope January 12, 2018 – The suburbs of Casablanca has been slowly evolving since 2014. This is when the vision of a new Casablanca began to take shape in the form of an ultra-modern new city. Called Victoria City, the development is attracting the attention and hopes of investors, businesses, and potential residents. Visionaries

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Vision City: How the Victoria Project Can Change Morocco

Vision City: How the Victoria Project Can Change Morocco January 12, 2018 – Casablanca is one of the most important cities on the African continent. Its role as an economic anchor, hosting the largest financial centers in Africa is undisputed. But, if you take a look around, you would never guess the strategic role Casablanca plays.

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