Mazen Al Sawwaf

Mazen Al-Sawwaf is a Saudi-born businessman with interests and expertise in many different fields, including healthcare, energy, real estate and construction. Since he launched his career in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of the 1980s, Al-Sawwaf has expanded his diverse operations into many other parts of the world, including France, the United Kingdom and Morocco. He is currently making plans to base more of his operations in the United States.

Background and Career Achievements


Al-Sawwaf was born in 1962 into a highly respected Saudi family. From an early age, he was deeply conscious of the need to contribute to the public good. This value came to the fore in his early advocacy of people with special needs and subsequently in his establishment of the Saudi firm El Hassan Medical Equipment in 1982. Since then, Al-Sawwaf has allied himself with the French corporation LFB Biotechnologies to create LFB Arabia, a privately owned healthcare firm dedicated to the provision of specialized healthcare solutions. A further collaboration with a well-established French corporation culminated in the establishment of the environmentally orientated and energy-focused company Veolia Arabia, which Al-Assaf chairs.

Among the additional projects that Al-Sawwaf has undertaken in alliances with French business partners are major undertakings in the fields of nuclear energy, aerospace, gas and electricity, home security and construction. In 2010 Al-Sawwaf also founded White Global Investments, which administers and directs his UK-based operations.

Morocco has become another successful location for Al-Sawwaf’s business ventures and investments. His Moroccan operations are overseen by Global Morocco, which was established in 2017. An especially notable achievement was Al-Sawwaf’s creation of Victoria City. Located close to Casablanca, this town offers thousands of residential units.

Personal Life

Mazen Al-Sawwaf holds a degree in economics and political science from Britain’s Queen Elizabeth College. Married with four children and six grandchildren, he resides in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and in Paris, France. As his commercial operations in the United States expand and diversify, he expects that he will spend considerably more time there in the coming years.

Mazen Al Sawwaf Global Businessman