About Victoria City Project

New Life is Blossoming in the Suburbs of Casablanca

Suburban Casablanca is undergoing a radical transformation. A new, modern city has been under construction just outside the Moroccan metropolis since 2014. Scheduled for completion in the summer of 2018, Victoria City will forever disrupt the narrative of the ancient municipality. Instead of a throughway, Victoria City will turn the region into a residential and tourist destination.

Victoria City Blends Residential and Commercial Priorities

Unlike previous patterns of residential developments separate from commercial areas, Victoria City will be a mixed-use community. The new city will offer a diverse residential population the opportunity to satisfy all their needs in one place: home, work, shopping and entertainment. Schools, parks, and a peaceful, beautiful environment will nurture children, social collaboration and sustainability.

At the same time, Victoria City offers commercial constituents renewed prospects for rejuvenation and expansion. Particularly for startups, such close proximity to a young and dynamic workforce will significantly improve their chances for success.

Revitalizing Tourism

Revenue from tourism has always served as an important economic anchor for cities around the world. In recent years, Casablanca’s tourism revenue has diminished considerably. The number of tourists visiting the city, as well as Morocco, in general, are significantly lower than in the past.

Less tourism means lower revenues for the commercial sector, which then impacts local economies and the fiscal health of the population. Mazen Al Sawwaf, one of the businessmen behind the Victoria City project, is looking forward to the role the new city will play in restoring vibrancy to Casablanca’s commercial sector.

Returning Casablanca to the Map

Morocco and, in particular, Casablanca, were once effervescent hubs for businessmen and travelers from all around the world. For a myriad of reasons, the city’s appeal has diminished as it has become more of an out-of-the-way destination than the place to be. Victoria City promises to reverse this trend.