Victoria City

Urban Planning with a Vision

Victoria City is an ultra-modern urban expansion set in the scenic suburbs of Casablanca. It is part of a surge of new developments that are transforming the environs of Morocco’s largest city from a sleepy and sparsely-populated area into an active residential and commercial center.

Built to Facilitated Diversity

The new city, which borders with the thick Bouskoura Forest, is only a few minutes away from Downtown Casablanca and Bouskoura City. Once completed, it will host 3200 standard residential apartments, 14200 high-end apartments, and approximately 450 villas.

While Victoria is surrounded by similar projects in various stages of development, its urban vision is unique. As an ultra-modern city, Victoria is built to facilitate change, social diversity and sustainable development. If it proves to be a success, the Victoria City Board, on which Mazen Al Sawwaf sits, plans to build similar cities across Africa.

By developing this ambitious and multidimensional project, the City Board seeks to:

  • Give middle class city dwellers an opportunity to improve their quality of life by offering well situated high standard housing for affordable prices.
  • Create an integrated and socioeconomically diverse community where people from different backgrounds live side by side, attend the same schools, and enjoy the same cultural facilities.
  • Provide a lucrative investment opportunity for real-estate developers, business entrepreneurs, and commercial brands.

Al Sawwaf and his fellow board members chose the name “Victoria” to emphasize the city’s internationality and to highlight its special blend of modernity and natural beauty. It is associated with breathtaking views like the Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, and iconic urban centers like the London Victoria underground station.

Victoria City
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Victoria City
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City Plan & Development Progress

The city is divided into three general areas:

Area A is situated closest to the natural forest. This is the villa area, where the land is most expensive and the houses most luxurious.

Area B is the commercial zone. It consists of shopping centers and street stores, office buildings, public facilities, and low-cost accommodation.

Area C is the high-end apartment buildings area which is surrounded by public gardens and parks. The residential areas of the city are connected by a wide boulevard that is reserved for leading brands, an open market, restaurants and cultural facilities. Seeing as traffic is a crucial factor, especially for working people, the City Board led the development of a new public utility road that makes the commute to and from Casablanca significantly quicker and easier.

Development of Victoria City began in 2014 and is scheduled to be completed in June 2018. Nevertheless, 70% of the land has already been sold and certain areas have been populated since 2016. Several shops and schools are up and running and negotiations are underway with a well-known international school to open a branch in the city. 

Aside from high-quality educational facilities, residents will soon benefit from various shops, green spaces, a spa, tennis courts and a state-of-the-art gym.

As the Bouskoura region is considered a go-to area for rest, recharging and recuperation, Al Sawwaf is also involved in the development of a nearby health resort. Situated in Benslimane, only 7 Kilometers away from Victoria, the resort offers locals and visitors a wide range of health facilities and treatments.